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Millennium Gate & “We are Chinatown”

An identity for all those that remember how Vancouver Chinatown was; those who bare witness to the changes that have happened to Chinatown in the past decade and those that want to play a role in how it will develop in the coming years. For all the kids that went from store to store looking for comics and toys, for all the grannies that shop everyday for fresh choi – the tote is a representation of the bustling markets, the smell of fresh buns, and the sound of 80’s Asian pop blaring out the dry good stores. Chinatown is what we remember it, because all our memories contribute to how we shape it now and into the future.

Past, Present, and Future | The Gate and about the graphic

Designed by Joe Wai and inaugurated in 2002, the Millennium Gate is built as a landmark to represent the significance of the future and the past of Vancouver’s Chinatown. The illustration of the gate is a hope to bring awareness of the urban development and changes that have taken place in Chinatown. The words [Gai Wong Hoi Loi] is on the Eastern side of the gate to remind us to “Maintaining tradition in future pathways”; go forth into the future but do not forget what the past has contributed.

One bag to rule them all | A tote bag for all who loves Chinatown

We chose to make a tote bag rather than anything else because we wanted versatility and functionality. Shamelessly show it off: take it to school, go shopping with it, take it on your dates. We want everyone to have the bag, and connect with one another on a visual level.

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