Sprouting Choi: Growing Workshops and Guide

Photos by Claudia Li

On a farm in the city, we teach the skills to grow Chinese vegetables in a community garden, backyard, or apartment balcony.

Our Sprouting Choi growing workshops invite participants to get their hands in the dirt and learn the essentials of vegetable gardening. We teach traditional, organic methods for growing choi, giving participants a chance to try every step of growing their own food, from preparing soil to harvesting greens.

A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Chinese Vegetables

Sprouting Choi is an indispensable guide to growing your own food in Southwestern BC, with an emphasis on techniques for Chinese vegetables.

Hua farmers in the Lower Mainland have been part of a local and sustainable food movement since arriving in southwest BC in the 1800s. Inspired by this history, this guide outlines the basics of growing vegetables year-round using organic techniques and traditional methods used in southern China.

Download your copy of Sprouting Choi now and start growing!

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