HOW Guide to Sustainable-Focused Menus

In 2016, hua foundation and Ocean Wise began collaborating on a Chinese restaurant focused project to increase access to local and sustainable food in the Chinese Food Distribution System. For over eight decades, this system has been operating in parallel to the conventional food system with little crossover between business networks.

Through this project, we hope to capture the missed opportunities for our local food systems to work together and celebrate Vancouver’s famously, culturally-diverse food scene through highlighting local and sustainable options. Note: Vegetables are in considered season from May-September, and locally accessible, fresh meats can be found year round depending on sources.

Our partnership will continue to support Floata, their suppliers, and other local businesses within the Chinese community to bring more ocean and environmentally-friendly options to Chinese restaurants.

Other examples of fresh, local, seasonal and sustainable-focused menu options

 t for traditional Chinese characters; s for simplified Chinese;
m for Mandarin; c for Cantonese 
Sustainable Fish OptionsSustainable Shellfish OptionsOther Sustainable Dishes
How they're sustainably harvested
Lingcod | t:長蛇齒單線魚 | s:长蛇齿单线鱼 (m:cháng shé chǐ dān xiàn yú; c:coeng ji ci daan sin jyu)
Pacific Halibut | t:狹鱗庸鰈 | s:狭鳞庸鲽 (m:xiá lín yōng dié; c:gip leon jung dip)
Pompano (US) | t:鯧鰺屬 | s:鲳鲹属 (m:chāng shēn shǔ; c:coeng_____suk)
Sablefish/Black Cod | t:銀鱈魚 | s:银鳕鱼 (m:yín xuě yú; c:ngan syut jyu)
Tilapia | t:鯽魚 | s:鲫鱼 (m:zéi yú; c:zik jyu)
White Sturgeon | t:白鱘魚 | s:白鲟鱼 (m:bái xún yú; c:baak cam jyu)
How they're sustainably harvested
Abalone | t:鮑魚 | s:鲍鱼 (m:bào yú; c:baau jyu)
Clams | t:蜆* | s:蚬 (m:xiǎn; c:hin)
Dungeness Crab | t:珍寶蟹 | s:珍宝蟹 (m:zhēnbǎo xi; c:zan bou haai)
Geoduck Clam | t:象拔蚪* | s:象拔蚪 (m:xiàng bá dǒu; c:zoeng bat dau*)
King Crab | t:皇帝*蟹 | s:皇帝蟹 (m:huáng dì xiè; c:wong dai haai)
Oysters | t:蠔 | s:蚝 (m:háo; c:hou)
Mussels | t:青口貝 | s:虾 (m:qīng kǒu bèi; c:ceng hau bui)
Scallops | t:扇*貝 | s:扇*贝 (m:shàn*bèi; c:sin bui)
Spot Prawns | t:蝦 | s:虾 (m:xiā; c:haa)
How they're sustainably harvested
Sea Cucumber | t:海參 | s:海参 (m:hǎi shēn; c:hoi caam)
Sea Urchin | t:海膽 | s:海胆 (m:hǎi dǎn; c:hoi daam)

Do you know a restaurant that might be interested in joining the movement towards serving more local and sustainable food? Contact us! or

Tania Leon 梁 丹 妮
Coordinator, Ocean Wise
English, Cantonese

For more information on additional sustainable and seasonal options, please download the OW App and check out the Seasonal Choi Guide