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Donate to give our community a voice in the environmental movement, and to bridge the divide between cultures and generations.

We started out as a project called Shark Truth that is best known for pioneering shark conservation using a unique cross-cultural lens. While small, we’ve already proven in only four years what many said was impossible: stopping 80,000 bowls of shark fin, getting aboard the first traditional Chinese restaurant onto the Ocean Wise seafood sustainability program, and globally redefining our values *for the environment* and *away from shark fin.*

Now we are taking our model of cross-cultural engagement to the next level by tackling the intergenerational divide, loss of traditional knowledge, giving our community an environmental voice, and equipping our youth with the tools they need to become global environmental leaders.

We are still a completely grassroots and youth-driven nonprofit with two staff and an amazing group of volunteers working to engage one of the most powerful, untapped audiences into the world of sustainability and environmental action. This is a huge task, but we can do it with your help. With your support, we can bring culture to sustainability, and sustainability to culture for the sharks, for the planet, and for our community.

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Want a tax receipt? hua foundation is also a program of the charity, The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius). Click here to donate through genius’ CanadaHelps page.
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To donate by cheque, please send a cheque payable to Hua Foundation* to:Hua Foundation
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* If you’d like a tax receipt, Please address the cheque to “The Global Youth Education Network Society” as hua foundation is a also program of this charity organization and write “hua foundation” in the Notes.

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