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Hua foundation supports Chinese-Canadian youth to participate in social and environmental change by creating programs that empower them to be better engaged and take leadership roles in their local communities.

Our work began with Shark Truth, a project that worked with wedding couples to go Fin Free, effectively stopping 80,000 bowls of shark fin. Our current programs include The Choi Project, which puts healthy, local, and real food back on our families’ dinner tables, and the Hua Ren Environmental Network, a growing community of Hua social change leaders.

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What “hua” means and how to pronounce it

Hua is a play on words:

華人 [Cantonese: Wah Yun. Mandarin: Hua Ren]  – peoples of ethnic Chinese descent;
變化 [C: Bin Faa. M: Bian Hua] – change;
文化 [C: Man Faa. M: Wen Hua] – culture.

We choose a name that incorporated all these aspects of our work.

“Hua” is pronounced hwa, kind like boire, French for drink, but with an h. If you’re feeling excited, we won’t be offended if you pronounce it hoo-wah!


hua foundation should be written all lowercase, unless at the start of sentence.

Like Google, our organization’s name does not take a definite article (i.e. not “the hua foundation”)

In Chinese: 华基金
NB: This is a translation, not an official name.

Food Security Fact Sheet (English)

TCP fact sheet

Food Security Fact Sheet (Chinese)

TCP fact sheet (CN)

General Fact Sheet

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