Our Staff

Kevin Huang | 黃儀軒 | Executive Director

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Emily Tso | 曹文慧 | Product and Graphic Designer

typeeEmily is a first generation, pun-loving Chinese-Canadian. She is passionate about examining the effects that brand identities have on people, and how the two influence the way everyday things are experienced. The changing landscape and historical identity of Vancouver’s Chinatown has inspired Emily to work with hua foundation in designing accessible, delightful brand experiences with the goal of bridging cultural gaps within the community. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University, where she studied user experience design in different contexts. She is Tso excited about weaving historical narratives and cultural traditions into sustainable digital solutions.

Summer Staff

Angela Ho | 何嘉雯 | Chinatown Youth Engagement Coordinator

IMG_6915Angela first became interested in youth organizing when she became involved with various sustainability projects at her former high school, Windermere. Since then, her interests have grown to push towards examining her cultural identity, and the importance of cultural heritage in community organizing. Currently, Angela is studying Geography at the University of British Columbia, with a minor in Asian Canadian and Asian Migrations Studies. She is passionate about using multimedia as a way to bring people together and share untold stories. As a Youth Coordinator, Angela is excited to develop and strengthen connections with Chinese-Canadian youth, and learn about the diversity of experiences that exist within the Hua community.


Past Staff

Bard Suen, full bio here.
Claudia Li, full bio here.
Megan Lau, full bio here
Nicole So (updated bio coming soon)
Alan Chen, full bio here