Hua Ren Environmental Network

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Change begins with building community, cultivating understanding, and celebrating heritage.

The Story | In our work, we regularly meet Hua people—young and old—who are doing amazing things to better society and protect the planet. In 2012, we created a community for these leaders to connect and exchange ideas, resources, and stories.

The Hua Ren Environmental Network is a community of Hua activists, socially-minded business leaders, academics, artists, and allies who feel passionate about culture and community, and creating a new voice for social change.

hren henryThe first official event for the Hua Ren Environmental Network was Tong Yun Gai – Chinatown’s Shared History, Shared Future. The event was co-hosted by our community partner Centre A on May 15, 2014.

hren dialogueInterested in joining the network or attending our next event?

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