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A movement that’s truly diverse and community-driven is possible.
With your help, we can empower more youth to participate in environmental action and social change.

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Hua foundation is a grassroots, and youth-driven organization with three staff and an amazing group of volunteers.

Since launching in 2013, we’ve talked to thousands of people about food security for the Hua community. We’ve also brought together youth leaders to have conversations about the communities they want to build.

Because of supporters like you, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as leaders in the sustainable food movement. You’re also helping to make a difference for our community, making sure that we’re involved empowered to participate.

Thank you for making our work possible.

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Want a tax receipt? hua foundation is also a program of the charity, The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius). Click here to donate through genius’ CanadaHelps page.
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