Our Co-Founders

Kevin Huang | 黃儀軒 | Co-Founder | Executive Director


Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University in Biological Sciences with additional course work completed with the Beedie School of Business. Prior to work with Shark Truth and hua foundation, Kevin was an educator that primarily worked with high school and international students. Fulfilling one of his childhood dreams, he also worked in the marketing department at one of the leading global video game giants (hint: starts with N)!

As a first-generation Taiwanese-Canadian, he is living the ever-increasingly-prevalent life experience of having grown up very “Canadian” and since adolescence, striving to (re)connect with his cultural identity and heritage. With Shark Truth, this bi/tri-cultural lens informed the creation of culturally sensitive educational programming for the public and culturally appropriate business engagement strategies to encourage use of sustainable seafood in Chinese restaurants.

Recognizing the growing gap in engaging Chinese-Canadian youth on environmental, social, and political issues, Kevin co-founded Hua Foundation with the goal of increasing community participation through youth empowerment opportunities.

In addition to his work with hua, Kevin serves as an advisor to Tech Easy Foundation, Meal Exchange, and S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Leadership Millennium, and mentors several youth who are starting their own community-based projects. He enjoys spending his time exploring the intersectionalities between food, culture, and identity.

To get in touch with Kevin, email kevin {@} huafoundation.org or Tweet him @yskevinhuang

Claudia Li | 李妍蕙 | Co-Founder

2B7A4481-6Claudia holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, with concentrations in Marketing, International Business and an Honours in Sustainability. Through the Next Up leadership program, Claudia was inspired to find a way to cook the dishes and tell the stories she grew up with, and also pass it onto the next generation. She founded Shark Truth — the origins of hua foundation — where she was pivotal in shifting the conversation around shark conservation in Canada. Claudia has won numerous awards for her leadership: she was chosen as a Top 30 Under 30 by BC Business Magazine, and listed as a Huffington Post Influential Millennial. A speaker on communications and social entrepreneurship, she has guest lectured at New York University and Simon Fraser University. In 2014, Claudia was named a Global Ashoka Fellow, which means that the work hua foundation is globally unique.

Bard Suen | 孫百忻 | Co-Founder

Bard holds an honours degree in Sociology from the University of British Columbia, with a focus on the environment, food studies, and racial and ethnic inequality. He completed a thesis on food stigma and Chinese modernist restaurants in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Bard also led the Youth Engagement and Outreach Initiative on the Climate Justice Project at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives where he developed a new high-school workshop on transportation issues in Vancouver. In his spare time, Bard loves to work on art and multimedia projects that get people talking about important issues. In 2011 he produced a photoshop art-poster series that critiqued the (lack of) cultural diversity in the local food movement, which was featured by the Richmond Food Security Society. He served as a past board member and program officer at Hua Foundation. Bard is currently pursuing a juris Doctorate at the University of Ottawa.

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