Summer Workshop Series Kickoff

Last week marked an exciting kick-off for hua foundation’s 2016 Summer Workshop Series. We hosted two dumpling making workshops; the first took place with our friends at Oppenheimer Park and the second with Auntie Julia in hua foundation’s cozy kitchen.

At Oppenheimer Park, we had a fun afternoon making over 200 dumplings with local residents. The room was filled with infectious energy; everyone seemed excited to either teach or learn a few traditional dumpling making techniques. Just look at a few of the focused faces and smiles we captured below.

IMG_20160526_134621       IMG_1556       IMG_20160526_134811

Two days later, we held our second workshop at hua HQ. We did our best to source local ingredients for our recipe. In fact, Auntie Julia took our workshop participants out on a local shopping tour through a few of Chinatown’s food businesses! We picked up a couple of things such as locally grown green onions and ground pork before we heading back to learn from our dumpling making guru.

Under the guidance of Auntie Julia, we learnt how to chop, mix, and wrap plump little dumplings. Participants shared stories with each gentle fold, bonding over childhood memories of cooking with their family and the significance of traditional foods to them. At the end of the workshop, we had a delicious meal of fresh dumplings, enjoyed in the company of new friends.

That’s a wrap! Thanks again to our friends at Oppenheimer Park, Auntie Julia, Kevin, and participants for making our first workshops a success!

– Alan & Angela

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